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What are the dimensions of the truck? 

The dimensions of our food truck are 24ft long x 8 ft wide x 12ft in height

Do you have any power or electricity requirements? 

No, The truck is completely self-contained and does not require any additional power from our clients, unless requested. 

Do you provide linens and tables for catering? We’re sorry, but we do not provide any linens, tables, or chairs. 

Is there a deposit required to book the truck? 

Yes, please see the information for the minimum required food & beverage order and truck rental fees. Under the catering section. 

Do you provide wait staff and cleanup with truck rental? 

We’re sorry, but we do not provide any additional staff aside from the crew on the truck for food prep and serving. If you would like to have a clean up crew, we can accommodate you! 

Do you sell ceviche or steak? 

Yes, we sell ceviche & high quality steaks seasonally.

Michigan Law, states that we cannot  block a fire exit or entry way  from any building establishment! 


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